The Influenster Life!

June 20,2017

Hey Dreamers!

Welcome to my first posting, I want to bring some insight on a company I have been promoting for years. I love the company I’m about to write about and give some recognition to because of the opportunities it provides you. So allow me to introduce this amazing company that provides you free products from very popular brands and companies we know so much about today. This company just happens to be, INFLUENSTER. 

O.M.G I can’t even!

There are many websites that provide you free items and coupons to review and try out, but this particular site I feel is way more consistent. Influenster is a sanctuary for people like me, who love to try products and review them, and to top it all off  it’s completely FREE in every way.  This company stays on the recent product trends and upcoming product trends. They work to research every product that everyone could possibly want. There’s a bunch of categories that anyone can choose from based on their interests. They build clientele and they network with a vast variety of companies that want you to try their products.

The Guide to Becoming the Greatest Influenster!

So now that we’ve gotten a little more in tuned with what Influenster is about and what they do, I want to share with you guys the best way to become an amazing influenster yourself. I have been using Influenster for about FIVE years and still going strong on the site, and I think I will continue to bring light to this company because I LOVE it so much. I’m going to be sharing with you guys tips and advice on how to level up in the game with Influenster. I want you to have an idea of what you’ll be getting yourselves into with this company ( and No I don’t mean like signing your soul to the devil) and what you can expect from each campaign. There will be a few words I want to explain to you about the site so you can understand it a bit more. So let’s get to it!

Words to look out for:

  • Voxbox
  • Snaps
  • Campaigns
  • Impact Score
  • Badges
  • Beauty Adwards
  • Surveys
  • Tasks
  • Check-In

The Campaign

  • Okay so campaigns are basically an chance to review products that Influenster chooses for you for a specific product or products. This includes a product that Influenster chooses randomly for people around the country to try out and review. They get an idea of your interests from your Snaps and from the products you have already reviewed on the site. A campaign is also based on how high your Impact Score is. An impact score is a rundown of all your social networks and accounts. When your impact score is high enough, Influenster becomes more consistent with sending out campaigns for you.
  • All campaigns are different but the quality is all the same. Some people may be chosen for one product and some may be chosen for multiple at one time, but they’re all equally counted toward your impact score and Badges. Once Influenster gathers all the information of your interests they start providing Surveys for you via email. This is where things start to get fun and interesting. When you complete the survey they then ask you for your personal information to send you the box If your chosen and approved. Once you receive notice that you “IN” for the campaign, it becomes a waiting game to receive your very own Voxbox.
  • Now this is the exciting part. Once you receive your voxbox you can then start jumping around the house with joy and then open to see what items you get to try based on the theme the company chooses that they feel you would like to participate in. The very first task they give you for the campaign is to Check-In that voxbox you received.
  • After you’ve checked in the voxbox, now it’s time to try out the products and see what works and doesn’t work for you. All the campaigns want you to take photos of the voxbox and of the products inside. Those tasks I think are the easiest to gain points for that specific badge. The points for each tasks varies but they’re all essential. Those points are your life savers for this site. The more tasks you do the better idea Influenster has of your commitment.
  • You get about month to really get the proper trial of the product your testing. The campaign sometimes extends on rare occasions but maybe that’s just my opinion, but I’ve had some experiences where my campaign extended the time limit. (In which I am NOT complaining.) However you still get a certain amount of time to finish the tasks they provide for you on the campaign given.
  • Once you have tried the products you can then review them on either the company of the product’s direct site or on Influenster. When you’ve done all the tasks in the campaign you get a ton of badges and trophies,  and Viola you have just completed you very first campaign.

What to Expect:

So I know you’re probably wondering what the backstory is of the company and what to expect from the campaigns and tasks you’re given, and that’s completely understandable. So I’m going to help you guys out with some questions you might have.

  • So you guys are probably wondering what in the world a Snap is, and I don’t mean Snapchat. Snaps are what I call “Mini Surveys” on the site, they basically ask you questions of your interests.

For example: How often do you purchase makeup from drugstores?

  • You would then answer the multiple choice question, and then they would ask you another question. Again, this is just so that the company gets to know a little bit more about you and what campaigns they think would be a good fit for you.
  • On rare occasions the questions would be repetitive and you might even see some questions that they ask you in the campaign survey via email. So just be aware just in case that might annoy you or anything like that.
  • Now snaps do not come up everyday, they’re based on products you’ve already tried or would like to try. Everything is based on how active you are on the site. You’re able to ask questions on a product as well, they updated a lot over the years because the company had gotten so popular and well known. You now have tabs for everything you’re looking forward to do on the site. Asking and answering questions on products help you gain points for being active and then you will receive snaps and then with that leads to campaigns.
  • Survey’s come to you each time you show interest in a specific category of products. They get sent to your email you provide on your profile, and they have a specific time to complete them.
  • I call these surveys “Campaign Surveys” because the snaps are surveys as well and I wouldn’t want to confuse the two.
  • Now not everyone will qualify for specific campaigns, I’ve experienced it first hand. I completed half a survey and then was informed I did not qualify for that specific campaign. Which is still great because there are always opportunities given to you by Influenster to participate in.
  • When you completely finish a survey the site will then bring you to a page for personal information where you then provide you Name and address.
  • The tricky part about this is, you won’t know if you get approved for the campaign right then and there. The approval process takes a few days I would say. However, even though you completed the survey that does not mean you immediately qualify. Sometimes they might have a limit on the amount of voxboxes for that campaign or they just didn’t approve. I have also experienced this scenario as well and I want you guys to be aware.
  • Once you do get approved it’s the best feeling and they tell you you’re “IN” and then your box gets shipped out to you.
Impact Score:
  • This is the technical part of the journey. Your impact score is based on all the social networks you have and the followers you have on each account.
  • This determines how socially active you are on social media and depending on how high your follower count is your impact score might change. However I will say that majority of the impact score is based also on how active you are within the Influnster sight and your campaigns.
  • Every time you complete a campaign your impact score will go up. With a high impact score you can receive new voxboxes and campaigns consistently. What I mean by that is , sometimes you won’t need to complete snaps to get surveys. Sometimes they just send you the survey via email just because they already see how socially active you are in every campaign and in general. Now that does not mean you shouldn’t be active in your snaps and on the site because at times you can receive more than one box if you’re super active on the site.
  • Badges are basically “trophies” or achievements. These are my notifications on my phone. The Influenster app allows you to see all your achievements so far. I love obtaining badges it makes me feel like I’m actually getting something out of the site besides free products of course. It’s like getting more recognition for the effort  I put into each campaign.
  • Badges can come from campaigns, reviews, and activity on the site. Again, major opportunities all over this site! I love it! These achievements are really what motivate me to finish each task given to me because they’re so easy to obtain.

The End of the Road

Alright my dreamers, before I wrap things up, I want to share with you guys a little information about the Beauty Awards.

The Beauty Awards is a chance for products to shine. Annually, it tallies the most popular products out there that people believe work the best for them from their experiences. This allows you to basically vote your favorite product, and then if a lot of people vote for that same product then it would be in the running for the top product in a specific category. This is something i would call giving back to the products you love. I think it’s a great way to bring acknowledgement to different products and products people haven’t yet tried out. 

Sweet Dreams!

Thank you my Dreamers for viewing this blog about one of my favorite companies known today and letting me give you a little insight of what it’s all about. I hope to be more involved with other brands to share with you and to shine some light on. I will be posting up new blogs every week to update you on upcoming brands and companies that I feel you would enjoy learning about.

Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to kiss the moon goodnight.

~Breathe in the energy you exhale to the world.
Walk on clouds as if you’re forever dreaming.~


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