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June 26,2017

“The world doesn’t belong to leaders,
the world belongs to humanity.”
-Dali Lama

Greetings, to all the Dreamers out there!

I hope everyone is having a blessed and beautiful day. I want to introduce a company that I would like everyone to be aware of. This company is doing amazing things for the world and our people in which I would love to inform everyone about. I will be getting into a bit of the background story behind the company, as well as the different causes they contribute to and promote. I will also give you a few examples of their products and prices as well so that you can get an idea of the great things they have to offer. I’ll have their link to the website at the end so you can join us on the fight for World Hunger and Equality.

The Insider

So I want to get into a little bit about the company itself and give you all a little in-tell of where they acquired their inspiration from to create this wonderful mini corporation.

Creations for a Cause started the company in 2016, so it’s a fairly brand new company that is making a huge impact on causes around the world. They are a local online store that gives 10% of the proceeds to every purchase back to global causes.

They strive on the real life stories of real problems in today’s world. They support several causes that I will get into in just a bit. Their inspiration comes from the communities whom need the most help and support around the world. They take those issues and give back support by empowerment, funding and education.


The Mission:

“To connect with people to a purpose, to inspire humanity,
and to make global impact on communities at risk
by bringing hope and change to undeserved communities.”
-Creations for a Cause

The Cause and Effect


~Support Syrian Refugees in Lebanon~


Today, there’s a huge global conflict with Syria due to the faults of others. These people were ripped of their homes and food for their families. There are about 1,000,000,000 people in Lebanon who fled to the country from Syria, and this includes children. These children are living to survive day by day with nothing but the clothes on their backs, these children are in need of food supplies and support. Syrian refugees are in need of support and protection for their children. Creations for a cause helps by having these children be a priority. Creations For a Cause will financially assist Syrian families, who can use the cash to have access to food, water, winter clothing, medicine, and education with your help. Together we can make a difference.

  • There are over one million Syrian refugees in Lebanon.
  • Lebanon is the 3rd top refugee hosting country (
  • 70 % of Syrian families live below the poverty line on less than USD 3.84 per person a day (
  • Since 2011, the conflict has affected 80 % of Syrian children – 8.4 million lives (
-Creations for a Cause

~Supporting Literacy for African Women~


Sub- Saharan Africa has the highest rate of education exclusions in recent studies. Over one fifth of children between the ages of 6-11 are out of school and excluded from the wonders of education. One third of the children between the ages are suffering the same issues. Then there’s 60% of children between the ages 15-17 are not in school and this is a major issue in today’s world that should be focused on. These children may never go to school if we don’t make this a priority for change. Majority of the children are female, and there’s a huge gender gap between males and females with education. These women and little girls have no books or materials to advance their education, they have little support for this huge issue. The company Creations for a Cause helps by donating to this cause with every purchase. They partner up with schools that assists these females to develop and improve their infrastructure for a better learning environment.

  • More than 1 in 3 adults cannot read.
  • 182 million adults are unable to read and write.
  • 48 million youths (ages 15-24) are illiterate.
  • 22% of primary aged children are not in school.
  • That makes 30 million primary aged children who are not in school.
-Creations for a Cause

~Share a Meal in Sudan~



World Hunger is one of the biggest issues out there in today’s world. It is such a crucial problem area that it’s killing more people around the world than most diseases. In the month of February 2017 famine was declared across areas in Sudan. Creations for a Cause partnered up with the Share A Meal Foundation (an initiative of the United Nations World Food Programme) to help support those in need of food supplies. Together with your help we can all help Creations for a Cause bring more and more food support to Sudan and other countries in need. So far they have reached over 1,000 meals that they’ve shared to those affected by famine.

The Vault

The products that are produced are made with hope and love for our communities. The website consists of the following products:

  • 100% Handmade Pants:


Purchase this product

Pants made from recycled materials that are globally sourced in the heart of Africa. These are 100% handmade as well and they perfect for those who love to wear loose fitted clothing. Price value of $22.99-24.99.


  • Handcrafted Jewelry

Purchase this product

There are handcrafted jewelry available for purchase as well. Each paper bead is individually hand-rolled and coated with a water-resistant non-toxic lacquer. Price value of $17.99-19.99.


  • Chokers


Purchase this product

The Chokers are handcrafted and they provide the best materials to use for each item they sell on their website. These price range from $9.99-17.99.

Remember with each purchase 10% of the proceeds go to the global causes mentioned earlier in the post. With every item you are making a global and fashion statement! Each item is special and gives back in a beautiful way. You can look fabulous while being a superhero and saving the world.


The Choker Box

Before I let you all go I want to also tell you that Creations for a Cause also has a Choker Box Subscription. This I find so affordable and accessible and I will be purchasing and reviewing this subscription box for you soon.

Usually the chokers sell for about 17.99$ a piece, so the subscription box allows you to get 3 handcrafted chokers for the price of $25 a month.

You can also get 2 in the subscription box for $20 a month as well.

If anyone is interested in purchasing these items

Subscribe Here.






To all my Dreamers

Thank you so much for the support!

I hope to see your purchases and reviews soon. 

I hope to gain enough people to follow up on these causes and help give back to our problem areas in the world. 

 You are all beautiful and I love bring awareness to everyone about different companies.

With much Love I will be wrapping this post up. I look forward to creating new content soon for you!

“Breathe in the energy you exhale to the world.
Walk on clouds as if you’re forever dreaming.”


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