5 Tips Before Traveling to New York City

Hello my Beautiful Dreamers!

Welcome back to my blog! I hope everyone is having a wonderful and exciting summer vacation. I know everyone is loving the summertime vibes and energies, especially that summer tan! I wanted to share a few tips on what I learned from my trip to New York City. New York is the city that never sleeps, day and night it’s full of energy. So, today I want to discuss with everyone a little bit about being in New York and what to expect when you travel to New York. 

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  • When we travel it’s important to plan ahead with dates and times of transportation. Planning ahead allows you to be stress free on your trip because you find a routine and you’re not all over the place trying to get everything done in one day. Planning a trip can be seriously overwhelming and creating a game plan helps ease the mind. 
  • Check the weather on the days you are deciding on going just to make sure nothing intervenes with your vacation. I was there just recently and at night it was chilly and in the daytime it was humid. So I would recommend to be prepared for little change of weather allergies.
  • Check up on hotel rates if you don’t have a place to stay for your vacation. Also make sure you do some research and find a good deal. There are so many deals on Groupon  and for planning a trip out I recommend Pinterest.    
  • Pack accordingly. Make sure to bring clothing and items that would work on a good weather day as well as a bad weather day. Trust me it will save you the misery of doing your hair and makeup and getting slapped in the face by humidity, rain, and the hot beaming  sun.
  • Pack sunscreen during summertime because many travelers think that since its New York it won’t be so hot and that’s not entirely the truth. I assure you its disgustingly hot in the summer time and shivering cold in the winter so just always be prepared.

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  • It’s important to travel light unless you can afford to move all your belongings in one day. Packing is the most stressful thing to do especially the night before so you would want to organize your outfits and set the aside to make sure you’re not missing any items. 
  • Rolling up clothes to save a lot of space and time. To be honest that is the only method I use to pack because it just makes it easier. Be aware though that your clothes are never crisp when they are being packed away in a suitcase no matter how you fold or roll them, clothes will wrinkle. So with that being said, hopefully you have a clothing iron nearby or a dryer.
  • When packing chose one side for clothing and the other side for miscellaneous items, and know your carry-on policies to avoid any unnecessary fees.
  • Try to find out the baggage limit and carry-on limit, to avoid being charged extra. If you have a duffel bag and want to avoid getting a charge, just put it into the suitcase, IF there is room for it. Do not over pack a check- in suitcase. The front desk weighs the luggage and depending on the size you might be charged 100$ extra if the luggage is heavy.

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  •  It’s also crucial to know what you are going to do on the trip such as attractions and restaurants. Planning the events and places you want to see in another state just gives you a better organization and a schedule. It’s perfectly fine if you’re the type of person who lives in the now and just wants to wing it as well, as long as you get to travel and have fun.
  • I would recommend if you like literature and books to check out book fairs and the New York Public Library. There are so many books to read and purchase if your a book fanatic.
  • Visit a museum! The museum’s in New York are a must when traveling to New York,. If you are a person who enjoys history and art definitely hit a museum during your trip at least once.
  • New York is known for it’s food and restaurants. I can’t stress this enough on how fast you become a foodie in this city. There are so many places to chose from and enjoy.
  • BE AWARE,  New York is not cheap, especially for tourist. New York is pretty pricey, but there are always cheap and even free things to do as well. You can find things to do on the New York Times website and check for whats going on during the time of your trip.
  • Walking through the parks of New York is also a great way to connect with people and lose some calories while at it. The parks are beautiful in New York are absolutely beautiful. If you were to go to a park I would say head on over to Central Park. Central Park sometimes has events like free outdoor movies, Shakespeare in the park and so on, so it is the perfect park to go visit.
  • Willamsburg is home to the hipsters and artists. If you want to check out some really cool street art, art galleries or hang out at a pub I would recommend heading over to Brooklyn.

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  • Before you travel you want to make sure you have the funds to cover everything you intend to do when you get to your destination. Saving for your trip and budgeting trip money will help you in the long run because it will help you have a good time without over spending.
  • When planning trips, you want to be able to have fun but not go broke, and many people have gone through it and regretted not budgeting. It’s very important to keep track of how much you’re spending and what you have left.
  • Being cautious is being responsible as long as you don’t become a Negative Nancy over it. You should always have fun on your trips but make sure you’re doing it legit.

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  • When traveling to a really busy state, you will want to keep track of the traffic if you are driving during rush hour times.
  • Rush hour times in New York are 7am-8am and 5pm-6pm. Sometimes the times may be delayed because traffic may be overwhelming, especially on weekends. So always update yourselves on the traffic reports.
  • If you are traveling by bus or plane, always plan ahead because you don’t really know what to expect until you land or get dropped off. Take advantage of deals and peak times with an airline, and purchase tickets in advance. If you’re planning to take the bus it can be a little different when traveling. There are two bus lines that I personally have traveled with before, Greyhound and La Cubana. The bus will take a whole day to take you to your destination so you should plan a date for departure and return that works for your schedule if you work a 9-5.
    • La Cubana is a very affordable bus service. I use it when I want to save money or I waited too long to get a cheap plane ticket. The thing I like most about this bus line is that it’s actually less traveling time than Greyhound. I personally prefer the plane because it’s quicker and pretty affordable when you buy ahead of time, but things happen and there are always alternatives.
  • Always prepare for anything when it comes to traveling. Trains are available for people who aren’t traveling in cars, or for those who don’t want to lose their parking spot. Parking can be a real pain in New York, so for anyone who drives I wish you luck in finding a good spot close to your vacation home or hotel. Hopefully there are parking lots nearby to make it an easy going trip. 


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To my amazing dreamers,

Thank you for all the support and for giving my blog a chance.

I love what I do and hope to continue blogging and giving you all something to think about and try for yourselves.

I will be doing videos very soon so I will keep everyone posted when that will be and what my channel will be about. 

I appreciate everyone reading the tips on traveling to New York and what to expect.

I hope everyone enjoyed this post and are planning trips to visit the incredible “City that Never Sleeps“.

“Breathe in the energy you exhale to the world.
Walk on clouds as if you’re forever dreaming.”


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