Welcome to my Blog!


Hello Beautiful People!

Welcome to my Blog, Name’s Luna. I am currently building a brand based on the world we know today. I basically want to live a dream that I can make a huge impact on the world and give back. I will not only be writing about the essentials we need as human beings with tips and advice, but I will also be incorporating the theories and Ideas of life. To me this isn’t just a blog, to me this is a beginning of a new era in my life. I’ve become so in-tuned with myself and I would love to share that with the world. My blog is not just a beauty blog, or traveling blog, but more of a Spiritual Enlightenment and Knowledge. There will be a bunch of topics I would be speaking about in different blogs, I am very diverse and I don’t really enjoy sticking to one thing, I like to create anew, and cast variety of topics; and I hope Everyone who comes across this page will join me on this adventure.

~Love Luna.~