30 Day Cold Shower Challenge

Hello Dreamers!

It has been a while! I have been so busy lately with school that I literally had no time to write. I missed writing and sharing my thoughts with everyone so I am BACK! I hope everyone has been blessed everyday and has had positive vibes this summer. It is almost fall, and school already started so I wish everyone a great school year. So I am going to kick this post off with something that I wanted to do for myself, and then share my experience with you all. For the next 30 days I would like to challenge myself in something that many people are sort of afraid to do, so stay tuned.

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5 Tips Before Traveling to New York City

Hello my Beautiful Dreamers!

Welcome back to my blog! I hope everyone is having a wonderful and exciting summer vacation. I know everyone is loving the summertime vibes and energies, especially that summer tan! I wanted to share a few tips on what I learned from my trip to New York City. New York is the city that never sleeps, day and night it’s full of energy. So, today I want to discuss with everyone a little bit about being in New York and what to expect when you travel to New York. Read More »

Sand Cloud Saves the Fishies

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Hello my Dreamers!

Welcome back to my blog. I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July with all the fireworks and barbecue hangouts. This post is mainly going to discussing a brand that I have come to love and it holds a dear place in my heart. As you know, I love finding new brands that give back to our beautiful world and people. I went to a high school called New York Harbor School” and it’s a marine based school right on Governors Island in NYC. It’s a school that has taught me so much about marine life and how we can save our waters (rivers, lakes and oceans), and this company brings back everything I have learned back in school. This company in particular contributes to a few causes that are very important in today’s world, and I would love to explain each of those with you in just a bit. I would love for everyone to get to know this company as if they’re your next door neighbors, so I will be writing about what they do, how they do it, and how successful they’ve become. I will also mention their background story and give you all a little bit of knowledge of what you can do to help. So without further ado, let me introduce to you all the brand called “Sand Cloud“.

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The Black Hole Effect


Hey Dreamers,

I hope everyone is having a great day and thank you for viewing my blog and giving it a chance! It makes me so appreciative and gives me butterflies! It kind of gives me a purpose, and I know every person out there knows what its like to be on that journey to finding a purpose. This post isn’t really anything but a rant, I want to be real to my viewers and not hide behind a made up persona. I want my blog to be raw and edgy and relate to those who don’t really have that confidence or motivation to continue with their dreams.

I spent the entire day moping to be honest, if I’m not writing I’m literally playing video games or sitting down watching Netflix with a ton of popcorn in both hands, literally. So with that being said, I couldn’t understand why I was in a rut, and why I was feeling like I could be doing so much more in life. Now, every single person in this world including the famous and most glamorous people have had their bad days. Like seriously, let’s be real, no one is happy 24/7 of the day, but i’m not saying that we don’t try to be. This post is mainly about what I like to call The Black Hole Effectwhen you feel like you’re being consumed into a huge energy draining hole that you feel you can’t get out of. 


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Creations for a Cause

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June 26,2017

“The world doesn’t belong to leaders,
the world belongs to humanity.”
-Dali Lama

Greetings, to all the Dreamers out there!

I hope everyone is having a blessed and beautiful day. I want to introduce a company that I would like everyone to be aware of. This company is doing amazing things for the world and our people in which I would love to inform everyone about. I will be getting into a bit of the background story behind the company, as well as the different causes they contribute to and promote. I will also give you a few examples of their products and prices as well so that you can get an idea of the great things they have to offer. I’ll have their link to the website at the end so you can join us on the fight for World Hunger and Equality.Read More »

The Playa Voxbox

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What is Up Dreamers!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far filled with fun in the sun, barbecues, and a much needed tan. I wanted to explore some products with you all today and introduce to you the Playa Voxbox. Voxboxes are your best friend when your’e looking to review products. Influenster, my absolute favorite product review company, allows you to do just that. Now, if you just came across this post and know nothing about what I am talking about you can check out my first post about Influenster and what to expect from joining up with them here. So with that being said, let’s dive in to this awesome voxbox.

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The Influenster Life!

June 20,2017

Hey Dreamers!

Welcome to my first posting, I want to bring some insight on a company I have been promoting for years. I love the company I’m about to write about and give some recognition to because of the opportunities it provides you. So allow me to introduce this amazing company that provides you free products from very popular brands and companies we know so much about today. This company just happens to be, INFLUENSTER. 

O.M.G I can’t even!

There are many websites that provide you free items and coupons to review and try out, but this particular site I feel is way more consistent. Influenster is a sanctuary for people like me, who love to try products and review them, and to top it all off  it’s completely FREE in every way.  This company stays on the recent product trends and upcoming product trends. They work to research every product that everyone could possibly want. There’s a bunch of categories that anyone can choose from based on their interests. They build clientele and they network with a vast variety of companies that want you to try their products.

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