The Influenster Life!

June 20,2017

Hey Dreamers!

Welcome to my first posting, I want to bring some insight on a company I have been promoting for years. I love the company I’m about to write about and give some recognition to because of the opportunities it provides you. So allow me to introduce this amazing company that provides you free products from very popular brands and companies we know so much about today. This company just happens to be, INFLUENSTER. 

O.M.G I can’t even!

There are many websites that provide you free items and coupons to review and try out, but this particular site I feel is way more consistent. Influenster is a sanctuary for people like me, who love to try products and review them, and to top it all off  it’s completely FREE in every way.  This company stays on the recent product trends and upcoming product trends. They work to research every product that everyone could possibly want. There’s a bunch of categories that anyone can choose from based on their interests. They build clientele and they network with a vast variety of companies that want you to try their products.

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Welcome to my Blog!


Hello Beautiful People!

Welcome to my Blog, Name’s Luna. I am currently building a brand based on the world we know today. I basically want to live a dream that I can make a huge impact on the world and give back. I will not only be writing about the essentials we need as human beings with tips and advice, but I will also be incorporating the theories and Ideas of life. To me this isn’t just a blog, to me this is a beginning of a new era in my life. I’ve become so in-tuned with myself and I would love to share that with the world. My blog is not just a beauty blog, or traveling blog, but more of a Spiritual Enlightenment and Knowledge. There will be a bunch of topics I would be speaking about in different blogs, I am very diverse and I don’t really enjoy sticking to one thing, I like to create anew, and cast variety of topics; and I hope Everyone who comes across this page will join me on this adventure.

~Love Luna.~